Poor Posture And How A Chiropractor Can Help

Did your mom or grandmother ever tell you to stand up straight? Maybe they are still telling you that, and years later, you aren't listening. But did you know that besides making you look lazy, poor posture can have other negative consequences? Symptoms of Poor Posture First of all, you may not even realize you have poor posture. Or, because having not-so-good posture has become a bad habit, it's become much easier to slouch at your desk rather than sit up straight. [Read More]

3 Reasons To See A Chiropractor

Many people see a chiropractor often since it is a safe and effective way to treat common problems. If you have never seen a chiropractor you might be wondering what things a chiropractor can treat. Here are some common reasons that people see a chiropractor. 1. Pregnancy Pain and Discomfort If you are a pregnant woman you should seriously consider seeing a chiropractor. A chiropractor can help pregnancy in so many ways. [Read More]

Three Common Issues That Massage Therapy Can Help

One of the biggest obstacles of facing a health- or lifestyle-related issue is determining the best way to treat it. If you're had a treatment from a massage therapist to address muscle pain or stress, you're likely already acquainted with the healing power of this hands-on form of care. What you might not yet know, though, is the number of different ways in which massage therapy can benefit you. If you're facing an issue for which you've struggled to find a remedy, don't hesitate to call your local massage clinic and ask if massage therapy can help. [Read More]

Severe Menstrual Cramps With Back Pain? Try Changing The Way You Exercise and Visting a Chiropractor

If you suffer from severe menstrual cramps with back pain and don't have a medical condition that affects your periods, change the way you exercise and see a chiropractor for care. Sometimes, the way you perform repetitive exercises, such as back presses and crunches, places too much stress on the muscles of your pelvic region and lower back. The pain and discomfort of your regular period increases once it comes on. [Read More]