Three Common Issues That Massage Therapy Can Help

One of the biggest obstacles of facing a health- or lifestyle-related issue is determining the best way to treat it. If you're had a treatment from a massage therapist to address muscle pain or stress, you're likely already acquainted with the healing power of this hands-on form of care. What you might not yet know, though, is the number of different ways in which massage therapy can benefit you. If you're facing an issue for which you've struggled to find a remedy, don't hesitate to call your local massage clinic and ask if massage therapy can help. Here are three areas that you can find positive results. 

Strengthening Of Your Immune System

With the cold season right around the corner, the last thing you need is to be sidelined with a bug because of a compromised immune system. Massage therapy has the ability to strengthen your immune system. Massage therapy -- and Swedish massage, in particular -- has been found in studies to boost the patient's "killer T cells," which are white blood cells that help the body ward off illnesses. If you're intrigued by the prospect of strengthening your immune system, don't delay in making an appointment; the treatment is unlikely to help if you've already caught a virus.

Providing An Energy Boost

Many people turn to caffeinated products to boost their energy level, but this solution can be short-lived and also have side effects. Getting a massage can help to stimulate your body's lymphatic network, which can help you feel stimulated and awake -- without the caffeine crash. Given that many massage therapists also advocate lifestyle changes to help improve your overall health, your therapist might be able to suggest other ways you can get a healthy boost of energy, such as performing a self-massage when you're tired or incorporating more exercise into your day-to-day routine.

Helping You Sleep More Deeply

If you're among the approximately 20 percent of Americans who deals with some form of sleep disorder, a visit to your massage therapist can be the first step toward restful nights. Massage therapy addresses your parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and is the exact opposite of your sympathetic nervous system, which is known for its fight or flight nature. By stimulating the former nervous system, massage helps your body relax and unwind. Additionally, massage therapy helps to reduce your body's aches and pains, which could be affecting your ability to sleep soundly.